Bike Safe, Ride Smart Workshop

CyclingClinic Workshop Oct. 1st


This CyclingClinic will cover the following topics:
About the Bike — What’s on your bike.
Rules of the Road — the do’s and don’ts.

Hazards of the Road — Things to look out for.

Street Smarts —  how to navigate the streets safer.
Group Riding  — bike etiquette when cycling with others.

Equipment –some things that may come with your bike…or not.
Changing a flat — how it’s done.

Clothing — Gloves, eyewear, shorts and so on.


About the Bike
This workshop describes everything about your bike, frame, tubes, components, derailleurs and posts.
Rules of the Road
Talk about traffic rules, wearing a helmet, having a horn, the three bike lanes, riding your line and more.
Hazards of Road
Things like puddles, sewer grades, railroad tracks, just to name a few.
Street Smarts
Turning on the right side of a left turning car, or reflections off a window??
Group Cycling
Communicating with each-other, distance btw riders and sudden stops, noo!!
Fixing/Changing a Flat
Speaks for itself. Bring your bike, tire levers and pump.