Indoor Cycling Classes

Winter schedule  2015.

Come!!! attend one of my classes and you’ll be hooked. Comes as my guess, it’s on me!!!

I am a Professional Fitness Instructor/Licensed Cycling Coach with expertise and passion in a wide of variety sports and fitness disciplines. I believes every class should be music inspiring, high energy, educational, fun and challenging.
Come and Enjoy!!!


9:30-10:20am @ Just Cycle in Bklyn.

12:00-12:30pm Cycle 30 Intense @ Equinox Rk Ctr

12:45-1:30pm Equinox Rk Ctr

Afternoon clients

8:15-9:00pm @ private studio


6:30-7:15am @ Equinox 63rd & Lex.
8:30-9:15am @ Equinox 85th & 3rd

9:30-10:15am @ Equinox 85th & 3rd

12:00-12:45pm @ Equinox Bryant Pk.

2:30-3:15pm @ Dalton Schools (7th graders)

Afternoon Clients


8:00-8:45am @ Equinox Rock Ctr
9:30-10:15am  SCLA Upper Eastside

8:00-8:45p @ private studio


Coaching Teams

2:15-3:15pm @ Dalton Schools (8th graders)

7:00-7:45am    Reebok
8:15-9:00am    Equinox 92nd & Bwy
9:15-10:00am  Equinox 92nd & Bwy
12:30-1:15pm  Equinox 43rd & 5th

2:15-3:00pm @ Dalton Schools (7th graders)


Training Day


Club Rides

8:00-8:45am Equinox 85th  **these classes are suspended for me during summer months**

9:00-9:45am Equinox 85th

10:00-10:45am Equinox 85th

11:15-12:00pm SCLA

“The Ultimate Cycling Class”