Ride Info

CyclingTheApple provides cycling experiences for novice/beginners, intermediate and advanced cyclists.  In order to maintain the flow of the ride and the camaraderie of the group, it is important to select the group rides that best fit your skill level.

Ride at Your Level of Fitness

Average miles per hour(AMPH) category/level:

Novice/D – AMPH below 12mph

Beginner/C – AMPH btw 12-15mph

Intermediate/B – AMPH btw 16-19mph

Advanced/A – AMPH 20mph and over

These categories are based on recreational cycling club and cycling special events charts.

 Every rider, male and female, will benefit from riding with cyclists that are similar in ability. It’s no fun to be dropped on a group ride 10-minutes after it begins because the pack is at a higher level of fitness than you. If you’re looking to build early season or base fitness, try to find riders that are aiming to ride at a pace that’s good for your fitness goals.

To determine your ride category (beginner, intermediate or advanced), you will need to know your average speed. Find a route that’s relatively flat and about 15-20 miles with little to no traffic lights to allow you a steady flow. After you’ve warmed up (3-5 miles) restart your odometer and start the route at about 85% intensity until completed. Check your average speed and chart below (this can vary depending on cycling clubs, but provides a good idea of cycling level).

Group rides are mostly listed by categories. Categories are determined by a combination of things, such as skill level, physical condition, speed, distance, rest stops and terrain. Some clubs refer to their categories with novice, beginners, intermediates, advanced or levels A, B and C.


Novice/Beginner Rides:   Pace 10-15mph, ranging from 15-40 miles on mostly flat routes.

Intermediate Rides:  Pace 15-19mph, ranging from 30-70 miles and somewhat hilly.

Advanced Rides:    Pace 20-25mph at any given distance, but mostly 80-150 miles with varied terrains, hills and mountains.

Pace-line Cycling:

This is a group of riders cycling at fast speed by drafting behind one another to conserve energy. Riders will take turns at the front to break the wind, then rotate to the back of the line to rest in the draft. Larger group rides will often form double pace-lines with two columns of riders.

It is possible for you to jump into a group of cyclists faster than you are and draft. If done the right way, you and the other group cyclists can still gain plenty of fitness from the activity. The key to this strategy is to know what you want from the group ride before showing up for the workout. If you know the category of the cyclists you’re going to train with, decide if you want to be the one pulling the group or if you need to be the one sitting in and getting pulled.

Of course if you plan to be pulled around by the group for the entire ride, inquire if that’s okay with the other riders. If the group allows it and you can hang in with them this will actually benefit you and enable you to pull the group later in the season. This is one way advanced cyclist can help improve other Teammates when they’re not hammering it out.

Ride smart and fast, but mostly Safe!!!


Ride Requirements:

Must wear secure helmet while riding.

Have one or two water bottles or Camelbak.

Knowledge of the traffic laws and signs.

Refrain from using cell phones , headphones or other device that may distract you while riding (safety first!!)

Rear red light and white front light for night rides.

Communicate hazards to your fellow riders.

Carry the necessities to fix a flat tire.

Be alert and aware!!!

Provide emergency contact information and sign liability waiver before ride.

Other services:
*Workshops– Changing a flat, Hazards of Road, Bike Maintenance, Cycling New York City, All About the Bike, Introduction to Traffic and How Select the Bike for You.

*Private learn to ride cycling sessions and individual training programs.

*Beginner Series: Most topics indicated in workshops above, plus cycling drills and skills with a 15-20 mile bike ride.

*Private group and custom cycling tours.